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Every child learns differently, so it's important to find a school that can adapt to the child's individual learning style and needs to help them thrive academically.

A school should share with your moral, ethical, or religious values and have strong resources and facilities to support the child's growth and development.

Excellent teachers make a huge difference in a child's education. Choosing a school with high-quality teaching helps maximise the child's potential.

The links below will help you find Nursery, Infant, Junior, Primary, Secondary, Key Stage 4, or Special Schools in Plymouth, plus Specialist Support Centres, Alternative Complementary Education (ACE) locations, and college and training providers.


Nursery Schools in Plymouth

Nursery schools provide crucial early learning and development opportunities for children under 5 years old before they begin primary school.

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Infant Schools in Plymouth

Infant schools provide early primary education for children aged 4 to 7 years old, covering Key Stage 1 of the national curriculum.

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Primary Schools in Plymouth

Primary schools provide early education for children aged 4-11 years old, covering Key Stages 1 and 2 of the national curriculum.

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Junior Schools in Plymouth

Junior schools provide primary education for children aged 7 to 11 years old, covering Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum.

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Secondary Schools in Plymouth

Secondary schools provide education for children aged 11-16 years old, following on from primary school.

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Key Stage 4 Schools in Plymouth

Key Stage 4 refers to the last 2 years of secondary school education in the UK, typically when students are aged 14-16 years old. It covers school years 10 and 11, prior to Key Stage 5 which is post-16 education.

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Special Schools in Plymouth

A Special Schools provides education specifically for students with more complex learning needs that cannot be met in a mainstream school environment.

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Specialist Support Centres in Plymouth

Each Support Centres is attached to a mainstream school, so that pupils who attend have the opportunity to work alongside other mainstream pupils, whilst attending specialist groups and classes.

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Colleges and Training Providers in Plymouth

Colleges generally provide academic and vocational education for students over 16 years old, including GCSEs, A-Levels, BTECs, apprenticeships and more. Many offer higher education courses too.

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Alternative Complementary Education (ACE)

Alternative Complementary Education (ACE) refers to alternative educational provision that is complementary to mainstream schooling.

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