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This section contains information about relationships, which are an integral part of the human experience, providing companionship, love, and support. However, relationships can also be challenging, and sometimes they may face difficulties. If you're experiencing problems in your relationship, know that you're not alone.

Healthy relationships can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • A sense of belonging and support

What to do if your relationship has difficulties

If your relationship is experiencing difficulties, there are steps you can take to address them.

  • Talk to your partner
    Open and honest communication is essential for resolving conflict and improving your relationship.
  • Seek professional help
    If you're struggling to communicate effectively or resolve your issues on your own, consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counsellor.
  • Consider couples counselling
    Couples counselling can provide a safe and supportive environment for you and your partner to work through your issues and develop healthier communication patterns.

Explore the articles below to view information, advice, and signposting to organisations and services that can help you.


Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is when a family member or someone you're in a relationship, with treats you in a way that harms you physically, emotionally or sexually.

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What are the different stages of a relationship?

Will the right person will just "come along" without any effort? Is physical attraction is the most important factor in a relationship?

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13 assumptions that people make when starting a new relationship

There are 13 common assumptions people make when starting a new relationship, and we challenge them with a fresh perspective and unveil the realities that lie beneath.

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Challenging the assumption that relationships are smooth sailing and without conflict

The romantic journey is often portrayed as a smooth and delightful ride, filled with endless joy and effortless harmony. However, the reality of relationships is far more complex and nuanced.

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Mediation is a way of sorting any differences between you and someone else, with the help of a third person who won't take sides. The third person is called a mediator.

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Ending a relationship

There are certain things you need to do when you separate from your partner in England or Wales.

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