View the location of all libraries in Plymouth.
Community centres are public locations where members of a community can meet for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.
A Youth Centre, sometimes called youth clubs, is a place where young people can meet and participate in a variety of activities.
Plymouth has over 130 playgrounds, for a range of ages and abilities.
Plymouth has numerous public toilets dotted throughout the city. Always good to know when you need to spend a penny.
Plymouth has 39 neighbourhoods that have been defined according to community identity and natural boundaries.
We work closely with various organisations to help deliver the best service possible to you.
A community group is normally run by people who live in your local community and tries to help, support or provide entertainment.
A charity is a not-for-profit organisation; therefore their primary purpose is not to make money.
Support for students currently studying in Plymouth.
Specific support groups and information for women.
Specific support groups and information for men.
We're working on this section; it's not quite finished yet.